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Welcome to the Stallions page!

The stallions listed with the Moriesian Horse Registry are available for breeding and instrumental in the breed development.  Moriesian, Friesian and Morgan Stallions are listed below. If you have a stallion that you would like listed with MHR please fill out the Stallion Listing application and send it to MHR.

Moriesian Stallions

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Zenith Stallion Name1JPG

Zenith Sentinel Knight

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Marieke fan North Ster)

2017 Moriesian Stallion 15.2H

Heterozygous Dun Homozygous Black EE Aa Dd

Stud Fee $800

Live Cover

Jamie Von Loh

Phone: 716-801-2883

Located in South Dayton, New York



Z5 2019 - Copy.jpg1
Z11 2019 - Copy.jpg1
Z8 2019 - Copy.jpg1
Z17 2019 - Copy.jpg1
Z7 2019.jpg2
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Stallion Pete

Pietro Antonio DHA (Ster)

(Fritz x MVR Black Beauty)

2012 Moriesian Stallion 14.3H

Homozygous Black

Coat Color EEaa

Stud Fee $800

Shipped Semen & Live Cover

Phone: 585-237-8575

Located in Avon, New York

Pete Standing
Pete cart.JPG2
Pete run.JPG2
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Stallion Mikasa

Opus Black Mikasa

(Nero x pecatonica Black Crystal)

Moriesian Stallion 16H

Stud Fee $ Private Treaty

Twin Artisian Stables LLC


Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Ellie Studs
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Stallion Amadeus

Q. Amadeus

(Journey × Sunshade Ariane)

2006 Moriesian Stallion 16H

Heterozygous Black

Stud Fee $600

Live Cover

Rusan Nyborg

Phone: 208-512-4098

or 208-682-3665

Located in Pinehurst, Idaho



Chewy 9
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Raphael name 3

RBD Raphael Cavallo Forte

(Amberfields Blaze N Dun x Marieke fan North Ster)

2019 Grulla Moriesian Stallion

Coat Color EE aa Dd

Located in Wisconsin

Raph 2.5 22 2
Raphael 2 yr 16 - Copy2 2
Raphael & Me 1 yr 4 months. - Copy2
Raph 2.5 19 - Copy 2
Raphael 2 yr 15 - Copy2 2
Raph 2.5 28 - Copy2

Pictured left at 1 1/2 year old                                           Pictured right at 2 1/2 years old

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Friesian Stallions

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Grail Quest Varekai1 name1

Grail Quest Varekai

 (Rembrandt x M'Lady's Quest)

FPZV Friesian Stallion

Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus: Negative

Homozygous Black 16H

Frozen semen only
$500 per Inseminating dose or 2 doses for $900

Rebekah Halladay

Phone: 360-487-9001

Located in WA


Grail Quest Varekai2 2
Grail Quest Varekai5 2
Grail Quest Varekai1 2
Grail Quest Varekai4 2
Grail Quest Varekai6 2
Grail Quest Varekai3 2
Header Ellio

Ellio Of Legendwoods

(Nero x Auxsana)

2004 Friesian Stallion

High Merit Champion

Stud Fee: $500

Live Cover & Shipped Semen

Legend Woods Friesian Sport Horses

Phone: 612-940-4998

Located in Ogilvie, MN

Friesian Ellio1.jpg2
Friesian Ellio2.jpg2
Friesian Ellio4.jpg2
Friesian Ellio5.jpg2
Friesian Ellio3.jpg2
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Stallion Rembrandt


  ( Laes 278  x  Bjake (Ster)

Champion FPZV Friesian Stallion

Stud Fee: $1500 Purebred Friesian Mares

                 $1000 Other Approved Breeds

Frozen semen only

The Driving Training Center    

Phone: 360-568-6552

Located in Washington

Friesian Stallion Rembrandt02
Friesian Stallion Rembrandt01
Rembrandt SPT Pro 009.jpg2
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Stallion Ultimo1

 Ultimo 2 van GOWO Zate
 ( Lute x Teake)

Friesian Stallion 16.2H

Stud Fee $750

Live Cover

Debbie-Jo Bennett
Phone: 907-232-4130
 Arctic Ster on Facebook

Located in Alaska

Arctic Ster5.jpg2
Arctic Ster1.jpg3
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Stallions Zen

Zensational BHE

2007 Friesian Stallion  16.1H

Heterozygous Black Ee

Stud Fee $1,000

Shipped Semen & Live Cover

Black Horse Equestrian

Susie Solomon-Mabe

Located in California

Susie Solomon.jpg2
Friesian Zen 2
Friesian Stallion Zen6.jpg2
Friesian Stallion Zen5.jpg2
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Morgan Stallions

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Stallions Blaze

Amberfields Blaze N Dun

(Amberfields Embossedngold x Amberfields Lonesome Dove)

2012 Morgan Stallion 15.2+H

Homozygous Dun and Homozygous Black

Coat Color ~ EE Aa DD

Located in Wisconsin

b8 - Copy
B19 7 - Copy2
B19 16 - Copy 3
Blaze 17 7
B19 3 - Copy2
B19 30 - Copy.jpg1
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Stallion Firecrest

Firecrest Sante Fe

(Winter Moon Enlightenment x Amigo Alexis)

2001 Morgan Stallion

Heterozygous Dappled Gray

Stud Fee $500 LFG

Phone: 425- 220-8419

Located in Washington

Firecrest Santa Fe.jpg2
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